Chaya holding a picture from her religious past
 Chaya in her room, Kibbutz Lahav March 2016
 After work, Kibbutz Lahav, Negev March 2016
 Chaya putting on her religious clothes for the first time after she has left. The wig she had to wear while being married, was one of the first things she sold.  Tel Aviv, August 2016
 Hillel offers, amongst other things, public clothes donations and accomodation where Yotzim are able to stay for their first few months after leaving.  Hillel shelter apartment, Jerusalem, Februar 2016
 The day i met Chaya 18 February, 2016
 Tel Aviv
 At the funeral of Esti Weinstein (1956 – 2016), a former Ultra-Orthodox who committed suicide after she left her religious life seven years before Petah Tikva, July 2016
 Kibbutz Lahav, March 2016
 With Rachel and Ari at Dizengoff Center  Tel Aviv, June 2016
 With a friend on her 19th birthday  Petah Tikva, August 2016
 After an interview for a potential flat share  Shapira, Tel Aviv, August 2016
The dance
 Chaya found a temporary home with a secular family  Ramat Aviv, May 2016
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