Dudi wears his religious clothes for the first time in four years  Jerusalem, April 2016
Non Grata
 Jerusalem, January 2016
This day next year
 Unexpected encounter with old classmates in front of his former Yeshiva - a religious school for male Ultra-Orthodox  Mea Shearim, Jerusalem, January 2016
 At his former apartment, Modiin-Illit
 Dudi's former home  Modiin-Illit, February 2016
 With two of his children  Modiin-Illit, February 2016
 On the campus of Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School  Jerusalem, January 2016
 Mea Shearim where Dudi spent his childhood years, is one of Israel's most religious neighbourhoods  Jerusalem
 For the first time after leaving his religious past, Dudi visits the neighbourhood he spent half his yet life time at  Mea Shearim, Jerusalem, January 2016
Tree without a trunk
 Surprise encounter with Dudi’s distant relatives  Old City, Jerusalem, July 2016
 January 2016
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